How the Lord Used us in September 2017
9/29/2017 8:28:00 PM by: Don

Hello Brothers and Sisters!

Autumn is upon us. Another school year begins and church calendars fill with new Bible Studies and programs for the kids. Temperatures begin to fall and we anxiously await our God painting the forests and hills with the vibrant colors of autumn. I love this time of year! 

Our fall season began busy as well, as vacations are over and school is on full swing. We were blessed to do 5 MAD Live Events in September. We trained 465 people to begin sharing their faith in Christ and were doubly blessed to see the Lord save 7 more souls at our events. One of these events was done in a first time partnership with “The Journey FM”, the radio station of Liberty University. It was held at Tree of Life Ministries in Lynchburg and went very well. In fact, we are already planning one for February of next year in their Roanoke, VA market. An older lady with a walker came up to me afterwards with tears in her eyes. She set the walker aside and stretched her arms out to hug me. I gave her a hug and she said that she had given her life to Jesus Christ today. Wow! PTL!

I was also asked to speak at a Pastor’s Roundtable in Johnson City, TN. The topic I chose was, “How to share Christ in East TN when everyone thinks they’re already saved.” It went over well and I already have one booking from it and have made some important contacts for the future. This month I was asked to share the Gospel at our church’s Food Pantry before the food was distributed.


• Oct 1 - Freedom Biker Church, Monroe, NC - Preach at AM Svc; MAD Live Event - 1PM

• Oct 6 - MAD Live Event - Ransomville Free Methodist Church, Ransomville, NY

• Oct 7-9 - Fall Foliage Motorcycle Outreach Ride - Western NY - hosted by Ransomville Free Methodist Church - I will be sharing the Gospel and speaking several times over the weekend

• Oct 8 - Preach at both services - Fluvanna Community Church, Jamestown, NY

• Oct 11 - Our daughter Jaimie and her husband Mike have this court date for the approval of their request to adopt Madison. Praise the Lord!

• Oct 14 - Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Conference - Virginia Beach, VA - my good friend and brother in the Lord, Charlie York will be filling in for me and doing my seminar, “Nailing Your Colors to the Mast”

• Oct 19-21 - Windrock Annual Jamboree, Oliver Springs, TN - This is one of the largest gatherings of off road enthusiast in the country. Thousands of people, including families attend. My son John and I will be there offering to pray with people and sharing the Gospel with them.

• Oct 28 - MAD Live Event - Fleetwood Bible Church, Fleetwood, PA

• Oct 29 - MAD Live Event - Calvary Baptist Church, Reading, PA

• Nov 4 - MAD Live Event - The Rock Fellowship Youth Retreat, Watauga, TN

• Nov 5 - MAD Live Event - Prospect Baptist Church, Walland, TN

• Nov 18 - MAD Live Event - Sugar Mountain Baptist Church, Newland, NC

• Dec 9 - MAD Live Event - Bloomsburg Bible Church, Bloomsburg, PA

• Dec 9 - Annual Board Meeting of Don Sunshine Ministries, Williamsport, PA

• Dec 10 - Preach at both services - Bloomsburg Christian Church, Bloomsburg, PA


We are currently at 65% of our regular monthly support needed. Over the past 3 years we were blessed to have been the beneficiary of a very large financial grant from a Christian Foundation which believes in what we are doing to help equip the Body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission. This large grant will run out in October of this year, which will reduce our regular support to about 55%. We praise God for His faithfulness and blessings on our ministry over the past nine years, even though our regular support has not been 100%. He has kept us alive and serving Him full time through the love offerings that have been given to us as we have done the MAD Live Events. We would greatly appreciate your prayers concerning the finances and we would ask you to seek the Lord asking Him if you should begin a monthly partnership with us to continue to build the Kingdom. Would you please pray about this? Thanks…that’s all we can ask.


Thank you for your continued prayers regarding our schedule. As you can see, God is at work answering them! Please pray for the 2018 schedule and the requests below:

• Travel mercies - a lot of miles will be put on the motorcycle in October as we participate and minister in the fall foliage ride in NY State. Please pray for DRY weather and safety as we travel and minister.

• We are scheduled to be at the Windrock Park in Oliver Springs, TN in October, for their annual Jamboree, which draws thousands of people including many families. This is a 73,000 acre outdoor recreation park for off-road enthusiasts. We already have FREE Gospel Displays at their Campground Office and at their General Store. We have asked for permission to set up a Prayer Tent in the Vendor area at the Jamboree. The man who makes the decision decided that he didn’t want to allow us to set up a prayer tent. So we will have a ~4 foot banner made to put on the back of our machine that reads, “Need Prayer? Just ask us”. God can still use us without the tent!

• We are in need of someone to present the MAD Live Event in Spanish speaking churches. Would you pray for God to bring us someone who could do this as we expand the ministry?

• Pray for our finances - that God would provide additional monthly partners, large and small to help us reach 100%!

Love in Christ, 

Cathy and Don 


Dear Friend,

I call you “friend” because we connected by our appreciation for Don and Cathy Sunshine and the ministry to which the Lord has called them.

For several years I worked alongside Don at Family Life, and not only enjoyed his friendship, his passion for Christ, and his work ethic; but also I learned much in those early days of his “Rescue” seminars.

I’ve been in “vocational ministry” for over thirty years, and I seldom meet people with the zeal combined with knowledge and passion evident in Don.

For all those years I’ve been “on support,” just as Don is. Don and Cathy ask the Lord to raise up folks to stand with them as co-laborers in the gospel by investing the powerful combination of finance and prayer.

As you are probably aware, thus far the incoming funds are not matching the needs. I asked Don if I could write you to simply encourage you to prayerfully consider a couple things:

1) In this age of “it’s all about me” “Christianity,” is it valuable…even critical…to have someone like Don training teens and adults in effective, Christ-honoring evangelism?

2) In fact, is there any other investment more valued?

3) Will you pray and think about standing with the Sunshine’s in order to ensure the continuance of their ministry?

If you are already giving, could you increase your giving at least a bit? If you are giving occasionally, could you contemplate giving monthly that the Sunshines might better budget?

And, if you’ve not given to this point; would you allow for the possibility that the Lord has prompted me to write in order that you might sense His leading to be a vital link in the chain of effectiveness that is Don’s ministry?

I encourage you to call Don should you have questions, and if the Lord leads you to action as you pray, let him know of your decision,

Literally thousands have heard Don’s training…and those thousands have impacted countless others with the gospel…Let’s keep this unique, effective, and on-the-heart-of-God ministry going!

Thank you for your time…

Serving in His grace,

(Rev) John R. (Jack) Hager
Ministry Liaison
Midland Ministries

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